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Placing a microphone on a teacher so they can be heard by all students is not a difficult concept to grasp. But the dramatic change for children and teachers when using classroom audio is worth a listen. This short video is indicative of what is happening in thousands of classrooms across North America when this simple yet powerful instructional tool is implemented.

LightSpeed Classroom Audio Products

At OfficePlus we are pleased to bring these same technological benefits to schools and colleges in UAE.

As an authorised reseller of LightSpeed for the region of Abu Dhabi and Al Ain our customers can be assured of great support and access to the entire product portfolio. The dedicated team at OfficePlus has over a decade's experience in serving the education sector of United Arab Emirates. At OfficePlus we truly understand the difficulties and challenges faced by educators of the Middle East region as both students and teachers come from different parts of the world. By creating a better listening environment LightSpeed delivers on its promise of substantially increasing academic achievement without changing the curriculum.