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What are the key features of the ClearOne audio conference phones?

Superior audio performance with ClearOne’s industry-leading audio processing technologies: 

  • High-quality full-duplex performance: enables participants to speak and listen at the same time without audio cutting out

  • Distributed Echo Cancellation® on every microphone

  • Noise cancellation

  • Automatic level controls keep participants’ audio balanced & consistent

  • Advanced first-mic priority gating techniques eliminate hollow “tunnel” sound

  • Three microphones per phone provide 360º pickup

Completely wireless solution, including only dual-unit system. 

  • MAXAttach features ClearOne’s unique solution to wireless room coverage: two complete phones transmit to single base:

  • Microphones (3 per phone for a total of 6)

  • Loudspeakers (1 per phone for a total of 2)

  • Dial pad controls (1 per phone for a total of 2)

  • MAXAttach Wireless comes with two phones and one base unit as shown in the photograph above

Ease of use & control.

  • 8-hour charge time

  • 10-12 hour talk time (can also work on power)

  • User-friendly telephone style controls

  • Selectable ring tones

  • Linked MAX phones can be operated using the dial pad of any phone - dialing, mute, volume controls, etc

To experience these great audio conferencing features, just schedule a free demo with us.

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